Welcome to the Wandering Falcon Podcast

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Hello, and welcome to the show.  This page will, in the near future, hold a podcast, the Wandering Falcon.  On this podcast, I will speak about whatever is on my mind at the time of the show.  It will be updated infrequently, as I’m a college student, in my senior year, and trying to work on both a capstone class, and find a job to transition to afterwards, will take a bulk of time.  Therefore, this page will be simple, will hold the links to my shows, and hopefully will gain some listeners.

Why a podcast?

Well, everyone has things they want to say to the world.  Viewpoints that differ from others, and most times, we want to be able to state clearly what we believe, or why.  This tends to help communication.  Few seem to realize that we all are trying to live our lives as best we can, and I hope to at least present another viewpoint on what I believe.

Topics for the show will be things that are happening to me.  School, gaming, worries, fears, concerns, thoughts on sex, thoughts on relationships, and even politics.  It will also feature music that I am allowed to play (Podsafe music, thanks to those who make such music available to podcasters).


Episode 01 – I talk about the origins of this Podcast, rant a little about Chick-Fil-A, and give a recipe for a dish called “Twixt my nethers”.  Also include music.  Apologies, as the transition from my speaking to the music is noticeable…the music is louder.  I will try to have that fixed by next Podcast.


Inspirations for this Podcast (Look these up if you don’t know of them)


Wil Wheaton – Radio Free Burrito (Podcast)

Warren Ellis – Doktor Sleeplees (Comic Book)

Pump Up the Volume (Movie)

Galactic Watercooler (Podcast)